Rise of Faiden

It has been eight centuries since the dark Orb of Power drove Prince Sayron to slaughter his family and seize control of the High Kingdom of Faiden. In all that time, none challenged him who had any hope of defeating his army of corrupted sorcerers or the darkness that possessed them. Now, the Oracle has set in motion events to bring war to Faiden and to rouse the dormant high kingdom. Princess Vera has awakened from her mystical slumber, having narrowly survived Sayron's wrath. Is she the heir Faiden has been waiting to claim, and can this newest generation of leaders rise above the devastating losses in their past to become the heroes their world desperately needs?

Reviews on Midia Books by Kimber Grey

Kindle Customer

on Kingdoms Lost


Unique and keeps your interest to the very End!

Julia - Amazon Customer

on Kingdoms Lost


Truly one of the best books I've read in years and I can't wait to read the next one!

JW - Amazon Customer

on Quietus


I loved reading about Kenneth, Ferremor, Vera, and the rest in this well written tale...

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